2023 Nail Trends To Die For

Posted by jana carr on

As we move into the Spring/Summer season of 2023, fashion and beauty trends are shifting towards a more natural and subdued look. One of the biggest trends that we're seeing in the nail industry is the use of blush colors and pearl shimmer effects.

secret sauce glitter for nails

Blush colors are a perfect choice for those who want a soft and delicate look on their nails. These colors range from light pink to dusty rose, and are often paired with metallic accents to add a touch of elegance. The softness of the blush colors makes them a versatile option that can be paired with a variety of outfits, from casual to formal.

The pearl shimmer effect is another trend that is taking the nail industry by storm. This effect is achieved by adding a layer of iridescent pearl polish over a base color, which gives the nails a subtle sheen and a touch of glamour. Pearl shimmer is a great option for those who want a more understated look than glitter, but still want their nails to have a little bit of sparkle.

orange creampop mica for nails

 A great way to add this type of shimmer is with Dollar Glitter's Mica Collection! For your white or clear bases you could check out Baroque. It wont add color just shimmer! Rose' would be great for your pinks and if you're feeling more adventurous you could try Creampop for your orange themes. Of course theres more colors  available so check the Mica Collection out.

When it comes to nail shapes, the almond and oval shapes are still in trend. These shapes elongate the fingers and create a more feminine and elegant look. However, there is a new trend in town, the coffin or ballerina shape. This shape is a slightly edgier take on the classic almond shape and gives the nails a more dramatic look.

When it comes to nail art, minimalism is still a key trend. Simple, understated designs such as stripes, dots, and negative space are still popular choices, but with a twist. The use of metallic accents and subtle embellishments such as pearls or rhinestones can elevate these simple designs and add a touch of glamour. Dollar Glitter has a nice metallic glitter line called Secret Sauce.

They are a line of super fine micro Dusting Glitters & Powders that are almost magical looking! Only a little dab is needed for outrageous sparkle. It is the best of the best there is to offer in the glitter world. Dollar Glitter also carries REAL GEMSTONES at ridiculously low prices that you all have come to expect from D.G.! Ruby, topaz, emerald OH MY!!!

Brazilian amethyst gemstone

Overall, the Spring/Summer 2023 nail trends are all about creating a natural and sophisticated look. Blush colors and pearl shimmer effects are a perfect choice for those who want to keep it simple yet elegant.

The new coffin shape adds an edgier element to the classic almond shape, while the minimalistic nail art with a touch of glam provides a balance between simplicity and sophistication.