Showcase - Nicole Rivera- Unicorn Creashunz

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We sat down with the amazing artist, Nicole Rivera of Unicorn Creashunz, for a quick 3 minute interview. Grab an iced coffee and sit back while she walks us through some of the ins and outs of the resin / glitter crafting business.

 moon phase resin tray with dollar glitter

DG: Can you tell us a little about your home life?

Nicole: Well I'm actually a full time CNA (certified nursing assistant). I also have a small resin business called Unicorn Creashunz. And I have 3 cats 🤣

DG: How long have you been in the resin/glitter crafting biz and what was the aha moment where you decided to go for it?

Nicole: Scrolling Facebook (TM) and watched a video of someone making coasters. Went to Michaels and purchased some resin.. . and here we are 2 years later.

DG: Was there ever a time you wanted to throw your hands up and quit?

Nicole: (Lolling) yes. I think for every artist there is. For me it was because I created so many items for a release on my website. I'd been hyping it up for over a month. The day came and not one sale. I was so sad. I stuck with it though bc I love art, in all forms.

DG: Obviously, that isn’t the case now. You have a devoted following.

resin and glitter crescent moon

DG: What is one thing you would do over when it comes to social media?

Nicole: Hmm... probably work more on learning my targeted audience. Oh and posting consistently.

DG: Give us your best piece of advice for someone just starting out in the crafting biz.

Nicole: Your friends are NOT your targeted market!! Also, don't give up if its something you love.

DG: That is pure gold advice right there!

Nicole: People get upset when all their friends don't buy their stuff. You can't get mad... not everyone will want what you have or be interested lol

nicole rivera of unicorn creashunz

DG: One last question, you know we have to ask. What are your can’t live without DG glitters / products ?

Nicole: You mean you don't know? ( lolling) The original Secret Sauce is MY ABSOLUTE favorite. But I do love all of them. The Shattered glass also, specifically Aurora and Anna Nicole. I think I sprinkle them in almost everything lol

DG: Nicole, thanks for taking time out to talk to the Dollar Glitter Community. We wish you continued fortune. ❤️

Nicole: Of course. You're awesome. Thank you so much..