Dollar Glitter FAQ

Dollar Glitter FAQ 

Can I really order just one bag of glitter for $1?

Absolutely! Just pay shipping.

 Why are Poly glitters more expensive and sparklier than craft glitters?

Poly is finer cut Polyester and much better quality than PVC craft glitter. Due to the thickness of PVC you see more non-sparkling edges. Craft glitter has a role in the craft world, just not in ours at this time!

How are you able to sell Poly glitter at such low prices? 

We don't spend our money on frivolous marketing and websites. We keep it basic so we can offer you the very best at the lowest price.

 What are Dollar Glitter's hours of operation?

10 am to 5pm cst Mon- Fri Excluding all major holidays. Honestly, we're most likely around on the weekend but just in case we aren't, we say Mon-Fri.

What are your shipping times?

We ship within 48 hours on business days, weekends excluded.

You're SOLD OUT! When do you restock?

Typically every 1 - 2 weeks, depending on our manufacturing time 

How do I contact Dollar Glitter?

Email us at or private message is on the Dollar Glitter FB page.