Troubleshooting Glitter & Tips

Some quick tidbits to help you troubleshoot your glitter issues and helpful tips to help newbies with epoxy tumbler, resin art, glitter crafting, & cosplayer art projects.

 What glitter has the most sparkle?

They all sparkle but we love the iridescent and laser glitters because they shift in colors! Some projects don't require a shift in color glitter.

 Do you have the world's darkest black?

We sure think we do! We sourced the blackest black glitter we could find.

Why won't my black glitter sparkle after I apply epoxy?

Just add a small fine glitter, like silver, to you epoxy on your second coat. Be sure not to add to much because it will clump. It only take a dash.

Why does my epoxy tumbler have dimples?

Many things can cause dimpling after applying your epoxy. Certain types of epoxy repel other chemicals. Make sure you put a couple coats of spray sealer of some type if you run into this issue. Also, some glitters can repel epoxy but you won't find that issue with our glitters.

What is the best glitter for crafts and cosplay costumes?

Any of our glitters are perfect for crafters. Great for Christmas ornaments, Mardi Gras swag, Birthday decorations, cosplay costumes, drag attire,  the list goes on and on.

What glitter to use with resin or epoxy?

You can use and of our sparkly glitters with resin art, resin tumblers and key chains etc.

Is poly glitter solvent resistant?

Most are but don't push it over 350 deg. Iridescent glitter should be tested before using with nail polish or similar solvents.

What is the best cosplay glitter?

Any of our glitters we offer are going to be best priced for your cosplay event costumes. They are super sparkly and the highest quality even though our prices are much lower than others.

Can modpodge dull the glitter?

We don't really think so but it doesn't hold the glitter in place as well and in  sections where the modgepodge is thicker, the glitter will be visibly darker there.

Is resin and epoxy the same thing?

Pretty much, yes! They both combine part and part b to create a chemical reaction that warms and hardens to crystal clear finish.

What is the best glitter for wine cups?

Our glitter is perfect for the outside of wine cups but is not recommended to apply any type of glitter to the inside for human consumption.

Why is my glitter running around the cup? Why does my glitter look smooth in some places and rough in others?

We recommend using an extremely thin layer of epoxy when applying glitter UNLESS you want a swirl glitter effect with the epoxy on the cup.

Why is my epoxy still tacky or sticky on my tumbler?

Most epoxy shouldn't take more than 3 days to cure. If it still feels tacky tot he touch, you may have to strip the tumbler and start over.

How do I strip epoxy on a tumbler cup?

Soak in acetone for 24-48 hours. Many creators wrap acetone saturated paper towels and put in a storage bag. Others put acetone in a bucket and close the lid on it and the cup for a few days. Be careful and follow all safety precautions when dealing with harsh chemicals.

How many coats of epoxy does a tumbler need? 

It depends. We usually like to use at least 2 coats for good even coverage but it may require more when vinyl or glitter is applied. Use only enough coats to get a smooth look because each layer adds about and ounce to the weight. Doesn't sound like much but its a lot of you are holding the cup for a long period of time.

Why does my resin piece look dull after pulling it from the mold/mould? 

Silicone molds have different finishes and give either a smooth or matte finish. If you would like a glass like finish after using a matte silicone mold, just apply another layer of resin and cure and it will be good as new.

Should I sand each layer of epoxy? 

It's a good idea to sand so that the next layer of epoxy can really adhere to the surface properly. Just don't sand too deeply and use a fine grit, not too rough.

Why does my epoxy look scratched after I sanded? Is it ruined?

No, Apply another layer of epoxy and you should get a nice glass like finish. Be careful not to sand too deeply though.

Why does the lip of my cup feel so rough?

You will need to take a sharp object and scrape the top lip,BUT  NOT THE SIDE THE RESIN IS ON, just what needs to be removed from top of lip and then fine grit sandpaper it lightly to get a finished edge.

What is the difference in Resin and UV Resin?

No, There are resins intended for tumblers etc that can have a UV listing but it means that it will stand up to being in the sun and not yellow as badly as one without UV protection. They still require about 3 days to fully cure, typically.

UV resin that requires a UV lamp cures immediately with UV rays from the lamp.

Why is my mold not curing all the way through with UV Resin?

You can use a dark pink or colored mold with resin intended for UV lamp curing. You will need to use clear molds for UV Resin Curing of keychains, coasters, resin art etc. You can use regular resin for darker molds but they cure completely after 3 days usually.